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We Offer Art Class for Young Adults & Children With Austism.
We go to your Area if we can be provided a room for the class!

For a private class, Contact Us at (416) 746 0318


We are local artists and activist, our job is to inspire communities living with autism.
We hope our courage will help others to follow our part to support the underserved communities.


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  • Ausome Arts is the Co-founder of The Artism Headquarters Organization and Nonprofit.
  • Our program are a great way to keep gaining new strategy and skills we relentlessly strive to make a difference in every thing we do for our community because we believe in goodness.
  • The Headquarters is for love, happiness and comfort.

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Members of the Organization

Elias Ben Khelifa

Nonprofit Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sung Ching-Chao

Trust Treasurer (retired Dr.)

Graham Turrentine

Charity- Coordinator

Carmela Starr

Finance & Accounting (retired accountant)

Director's Message

"Grandmother's Voice Was The Love From A Heart That's True."

Being a grandmother and caring for a child with autism is hard. But what is harder is being a mother, and harder than that, is being a mother of a child with autism. I was accused of causing or fabricating his condition because I had a very good and acute awareness of autism. I mothered my grandson in a different way. I had a preconceived idea of how he should behave and look.

I am proud of all autistic children; I want them to be content, happy, and have a place of safety. As a grandmother, I will love them, fight for them and strive to get them to adulthood healthy, happy and filled with a zest for life with a heart of compassion and compassion for oneself. "May we today speak words of kindness to everyone."

Autism impacts all of us. Our organization believes every autistic child and young person has the right to express themselves and realize their true ambitions and potential. We started as Awesome Arts and have become a movement of change. We will endeavor to create opportunities and teach skills for our autistic children and young people, for they are the heart of everything that we do. We are here to support autistic or neurodiverse people. Our hope is to provide sustainable and fulfilling employment from job search through to retirement.

Contact Us

For registering our art class / opening a class for your organization


(416) 746 - 0318



(Call us in advance)

2623 Islington Ave, Unit #1, Etobicoke, ON M9V 2X4

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